Building from the Command Line

The command-line version of Turbo Studio is called XStudio.exe and can be found in the Turbo Studio installation directory. See below for a list of command-line arguments and options for the XStudio tool.

Command Usage Description
<path to XAPPL configuration file> /l <path to license file> [/o <path to output>] [/component] [/d] [/compressed] [/uncompressed] [/deletesandbox] [/v <version>] [/startupfile <virtual path to file>]

Builds the virtual application based on the application configuration file.

/l - Path the the license file. The license file needs to be stored in Unicode format.

/o - Path to the output file. This will override the setting in the XAPPL configuration file.

/component - Sets the Project Type to Component resulting in an SVM output rather than EXE output. 

/d - Enables the Generate diagnostic-mode executable setting.

/compressed - Enables the Compress payload setting.

/uncompressed - Disables the Compress payload setting.

/deletesandbox - Enables the Delete sandbox on application shutdown setting.

/v - Sets the Version of the output exe.

/startupfile - Sets the Startup File of the virtual application.


/beforepath <path to where snapshot file is saved>

Performs a before snapshot and saves the snapshot to the specified folder.

/beforepath - Path to the where the snapshot file is saved.


/beforepath <path to where snapshot is saved> /o <path to where XAPPL configuration file is saved>

Performs an after snapshot using the specified before snapshot path.

/beforepath - Path to the before snapshot file.

/o - Path to where the XAPPL configuration file is saved.


/i <path to the configuration file to be imported> /o <path to where XAPPL configuration file is saved>

Import MSI, AXT, or ThinApp configurations.

/i - Path to the configuration file to import.

/o - Path to where the XAPPL configuration file is saved.


/i <input-config> /o <output-config> <sandbox-path>

Merge configuration and sandbox.

/i - Path to source configuration file.

/o - Path to output merged configuration file.

sandbox-path - Path to sandbox.


/i <input-file-xappl-exe-svm> [name]

Getting virtualization settings from the configurations file or application.

/i - Path to the configuration file (xappl, exe or svm).

name - Name of settings or empty for all settings.


[/reg] [/revert] <path>

Replace path from native to virtual format.

/reg - Path is a register path instead of filesystem path.

/revert - Revert path from virtual to native format.

path - Path to replace.


Switch for suppress printing copyrigth and logo information.

Note: Configuration files that are generated from the command-line after using the /after flag do not have an output file specified in the XAPPL configuration file. When using scripting for snapshots, it may be necessary to apply changes to the generated XAPPL file, either manually or programmatically.

Note: If running XStudio displays the error <SandboxCollision> is missing from the string table the XStudio application cannot be run while Turbo Studio is also running. Turbo Studio must be closed before running XStudio via the command line.

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